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Our Stories

Success can only be achieved through close collaborations with those who share the same vision.


The future of pain medicines

The Leitmarktwettbewerb LifeSciences.NRW project “NeuRoWeg”: How will we test the efficacy of pain medicines in the future? ? An important question that we intend to answer.

Author: Dr. Gregor Bahrenberg


Leading the way

Courageous women are speaking out about their experiences of Vulvodynia: And our experts are leading the way toward an innovative medicine for this under-recognised and often stigmatized condition.

Author: Dr. Philipp Wabnitz


Giving CRPS patients hope

Neridronate is giving hope to those affected by CRPS – one of the most painful conditions a patient can experience.

Author: Dr. Katrin Fleischer

Flix® & VIVO

Giving peace of mind

Our innovative surgical glues may offer surgeons an innovative alternative to existing surgical wound closure and management techniques for increased wound healing outcome.

Author: Dr. Nadja Oellers